MILEY CYRUS explodes after promoting fake accounts of actor pals. Oh Miley, you so  # LAME.

Miley promo-ed fake accounts for her celeb “pals”Dakota and Elle Fanning AND when she realized what she did she went more than BERSERK!

Reports said Miley, 20, was more than em-bar-ASS-ed when she tweeted to the so-called verified but fake Twitter accounts of the famous Fannings.

The naughty ex-Disney aging Lolita wanna-be fave rave told her 10.6 million fans to follow Dakota and Elle Fanning sisters but freaked when she realized they were actually imposter accounts.

Miley has deleted the initial tweet but she then posted: “[bleep] twitter posers. honestly. so lame. thinking your talking to friends to find its a stranger. AIN’T YO MAMA ER WARNED YA #strangerdanger”

Yo, yo, yo #WHOOPS.