MILEY CYRUS’ fiancé is howling mad over his honey’s hound hoarding!

With five dogs sharing their home, Liam Hemsworth,the “Hunger Games” hunk has for­bidden Miley from adopting any more.

“Liam is up to his eyeballs in animal fur,” an insider told The ENQUIRER. “He complains to friends that Miley’s obsession with taking in rescue dogs is driving him crazy and causing problems in their relationship.”

After Miley brought home the latest adoptee, a Chihuahua mix named Bean, the insider says Liam yelled: “Enough with the pups!” He then barred Miley from rescuing any more dogs without his consent.

The couple’s dogfight is the latest stress for Miley. As The ENQUIRER reported recently, the 20-year-old former “Hannah Montana” star suffered an embarrassing acne breakout following reports that Liam, 23, was romancing a blonde beauty behind her back.

She’s also knee-deep in plans for a wedding ceremony that will reportedly take place in June.

Although the growing pet problem has long irked Liam, he finally decided to yank the leash on Miley’s canine-collecting habit after a horrific incident in December. One of their rescues, Ziggy, viciously attacked and killed their Yorkie mix, Lila.

At Liam’s urging, Miley took Ziggy to a dog rescue shelter. But soon after, she comforted herself by adopting Bean, who joins her other four-legged friends, Floyd, Happy, Mary Jane and Penny Lane.

“Liam was so disturbed by Ziggy’s attack he’s now pressuring Miley to give some of their dogs away, either to her best friend or her parents,” the insider added. “Miley is pleading with Liam to leave their furry family intact, but so far he’s standing firm.”