Mike Walker

Julie Chen’s Shocked ‘Talk’ Over Toilets

TV host held hostage by bathroom blowhard! 

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Mike Walker reports … Just imagine if stalls could TALK! (It’d make my job easier: a few stops a day at predetermined locations and voilà — GOSSIP HEAVEN!!)

But let’s talk ‘potty talk’ — re: Julie Chen of “The Talk,” who got totally flushed while visiting a public ladies’ room when a ‘Chatty Cathy’ in the very next stall — who’d apparently recognized her as they’d both entered — suddenly started a spirited conversation with the horrified host!

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Revealed My Bathroom Babbler: “Freaked, Julie froze on her throne when the woman started apologizing about some ‘tummy issues’ she was having, totally embarrassing Julie, who just kept repeating, ‘It’s fine’ — then hightailed it out of the damn loo before she went loony!”

… And how was YOUR week?