Hollywood legend MICKEY ROONEY has been brutalized and kept a prison in his own home by his own step-son, it was claimed in court.

The much married, diminutive ex-child MGM star,  Rooney was granted a temporary restraining order from his stepson, who is accused of withholding food and medicine from the 90-year-old and interfering with his personal finances.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Reva Goetz
approved the order on Monday after Rooney’s attorneys sought protection for actor, claiming he lives in fear of stepson Chris Aber.

"Chris is verbally abusive toward Mickey," the court filing states. "He yells and screams at Mickey. He threatens, intimidates, bullies, and harasses Mickey.

"Mickey is effectively a prisoner in his own home," the filing states.

The order requires Aber to stay 100 yards away from Rooney and his home and to refrain from contacting the actor until a hearing to determine whether the restraining order may be extended.

The filing also accused Aber of forcing Rooney to make certain personal appearances, and has forced him to sign financial documents without actually reading them.

The actor’s attorneys also obtained a temporary conservatorship for Rooney to protect his personal and financial interests.  

Rooney’s career spans 8 decades including the Andy Hardy films, Babes in Arms with Judy Garland Breakfast at Tiffany’s and countless TV appearances. 

He has been married 8 times.