19 Kids and Counting matriarch shoots mouth off in Texas – igniting a conflagration of controversy!

Michelle Duggar voiced her opinion on the Texas legislature’s debate regarding laws that seek to restrict abortion in the state, telling a crowd that she considers the medical procedure “baby holocaust.”

The conservative Christian who’ famous for making babies on the bizarre TV show 19 Kids and Counting told a pro-life crowd in Austin that she is against abortion and likened it to Nazi madman Hitler’s slaughter of Jews during World War II.

Jim Bob Duggar’s walking womb of a wife addressed the assembled masses while her eldest son cradled her youngest daughter Josie in his arms.

She called abortion “baby holocaust” WFAA-TV Dallas-Fort Worth reported on the air.

Michelle, an outspoken advocate in the pro-life movement, said “If those who are voted in do not support life, then they need to be replaced by those who do” the San Antonio Express reported.