One of Michael Vick’s rescued pit bulls has moved from the doghouse to the “cathouse”!

The lovable pooch, named Mel, was rescued from Vick’s brutal dog-fighting operation at the Bad Newz Kennels in Virginia in 2007 – and he’s now living the life of Riley at the Moonlite

Mel’s owner, RICHARD HUNTER, is the media director for Dennis Hof’s world famous brothel and

adopted the pooch from the Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah, in 2010.

“It was an extensive adoption process, but it was well worth the effort,” said Hunter.

“The Bunny Ranch is a very dog-friendly environment, and Mel comes in every day and

he just fits right in. He’s very popular with the ladies here.

“Everybody knows him and loves him. He can’t walk 50 feet without one of the girls petting him or giving him a little treat or letting him take a nap in her room – everybody wants some time with Mel.”

The little black pit bull terrier was used as a “bait” dog at Vick’s ranch, thrown into

the ring with fighting dogs so they’d get a “taste for blood.” That kind of abuse earned Vick 19 months in

a federal prison. The 32-year-old quarterback was released in 2009 and now plays for the Philadelphia


Fortunately, Mel has made a lot of progress since his rescue six years ago and he finally feels safe because of all the love and affection he gets.

“After all he’s been through,” said Hunter, “Mel finally has a great life here at the Bunny Ranch.”