Reliving his childhood sex abuse nightmare too much to take, even 10 years later as he contemplated killing himself rather than face Michael again  — even across a packed courtroom

In the wake of Michael Jackson‘s death, those close to the one youngster who accused the superstar of child molestation say the young man was suicidal.

The ENQUIRER has learned exclusively that a then-13-year-old accuser became so distraught in later years that he was driven to the brink of suicide.

The distraught child – now 29 years old – "had considered killing himself" some 10 years after his accusations first made worldwide headlines, revealed a close source.

Because the young man may have been a victim of a sex crime, The ENQUIRER has never revealed his identity. Jackson denied that he had molested the boy, but before any charges were brought, the singer paid a staggering $15 million to settle the case and to buy the boy’s silence.

But when similar charges surfaced against Jackson in 2003 – brought by another 13-year-old boy – Santa Barbara County District Attorney Thomas Sneddon considered having the original accuser give testimony, say sources.

The grown-up accuser "feared for months that he would be forced by Sneddon to testify at this other boy’s trial and recount the horrific nightmare he went through a decade before," disclosed the close source.

"Then in his early 20s, he had thought the nightmare was behind him, but he had not – at that point – recovered emotionally from the scars of what he had endured.

"He had been so shattered by the scandal that he had blamed his mother for his alleged molestation and had barely spoken to her, at that time, for 10 years.

"When he got word that Sneddon was considering subpoenaing him to testify against Jackson, he completely freaked out.

"Sneddon wanted to show a pattern of alleged sexual abuse and made a request of Judge Rodney Melville to consider allowing him to testify."

That resulted in a shock wave that nearly destroyed the original accuser.

"He contemplated suicide – he thought about killing himself rather than face Michael across a packed courtroom and recount what the singer did to him a decade before," revealed the close source.

"He was in a bad way, vowing he’d ‘rather die’ than have to tell his story on a witness stand with the world watching.’"

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