The cat’s out of the bag and onto the streets of New York as feisty FOX begins lensing his secret TV show.

Michael J. Fox’s untitled NBC comedy project has officially started shooting in New York City.

Fox, 51, will play an NBC reporter loosely based on his own life.  

MJF plays Mike Burnaby, a former lead anchor at a local news station News 4 NY, who needs to get back in the game after a bout with Parkinson's forced him off the airwaves.

The still as yet UNTITLED show, which insiders are calling simply THE MJF PROJECT, is slated for NBC's 2013-14 schedule.

Peacock Net execs are hoping MJF will hold their comedy demo  in place in the ratings as breadwinner "30 Rock" bit the proverbial dust.

Meanwhile Gothamites are thrilled to see MJF back in action on the trubulent streets of New York.

"Cops! Fire trucks! And Michael J. Fox too?!" an hot dog vendor enthused.

"This really IS where the actions is!"