The ENQUIRER was first to report beloved actor Michael J. Fox is returning to TV after docs were able to "fine-tune" his Parkinson’s medications and dramatically control his symptoms.

And when his good pal Denis Leary realized he was considering acting again, the Rescue Me star instructed his writers to create a recurring role for the 47-year-old Emmy and Golden Globe winner and time travelling actor.

The shows will begin airing next April when season five of the FX hit resumes.

"Michael considered an acting comeback when he recently reached a comfortable medical plateau after doctors tweaked and fine-tuned his dosage to minimize his symptoms," an insider told The ENQUIRER.

The former Family Ties thesp takes a drug called Sinemet to counter the uncontrolled motions caused by Parkinson’s – and right now he’s more confident about acting than he’s been in years, according to the insider.

"He’s feeling terrific!"

Michael’s feeling so good that he also agreed to return to his role as Dr. Kevin Casey on Scrubs for a few more episodes next season.

"Michael is thrilled to be heading back to TV, and he’s determined to take each day he can work as a blessing."

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