MICHAEL DOUGLAS was hoping to have a recon­ciliation with his estranged wife Catherine Zeta-Jones for Christmas – but their holiday reunion only paved the way for a high-profile divorce in 2014, say sources.

“Their reunion was a complete disas­ter and they’ve reached the point of no return,” said a source close to the couple. “Divorce is inevitable.”

As The ENQUIRER reported exclusively in our Dec. 16 issue, the 69-year-old su­perstar was desperate to fix the troubled marriage for the sake of their two children – son Dylan, 13, and daughter Carys, 10.

The “Wall Street” star asked Catherine, 44, to join him in New York City on the Sunday before Christmas. And the Welsh beauty agreed after Michael enlisted her mom Pat to talk her into the trip so the youngsters would have both parents with them during the holidays.

“But it was like Catherine just went through the motions,” said the close source. “She was there in person, but not in mind and spirit.

“Since they split eight months ago, Michael has tried hard to bring them to­gether. He’s also been a super dad to the kids, coming over from his bachelor pad to cook them pancakes for breakfast and re­turning in the evenings to watch TV with them. Catherine is impressed by his efforts to stay close to the kids, but she seems ready to go it on her own.”

The 13-year marriage was stressed over Michael’s bout with deadly tongue cancer in 2010, and sources say that Catherine was terribly embarrassed when he later announced that the condition could have been triggered by him having oral sex. Meanwhile, Catherine’s battle with a bi­polar disorder, which causes wild mood swings, further strained the union as she’s twice needed treatment in a mental health facility.

Sadly, Michael had poured his heart into his eleventh-hour attempt to heal their marital wounds with a gala family Christmas celebration.

On Dec. 22, they all dined at Orso restaurant for lunch before taking in the Broadway musical “Motown.” They finished up the outing by hitting a theater to see the new “Hobbit” movie.

But insiders say the last-ditch effort to save the union crashed and burned. And after renowned body lan­guage expert Dr. Lillian Glass reviewed photos of the temporarily reunited cou­ple, she told The ENQUIRER: “While together physically, they come across as emotionally distant – very sad and unhappy.

“Catherine is keeping at arm’s length from Mi­chael by either walking behind him or a few steps ahead. She looks sullen and non-communicative.

“Instead, her total focus is placed on her chil­dren, holding their hands but not Michael’s. There is not one scintilla of any emotional connectedness between the couple.”

The two later took their kids on a  New Year’s ski trip to Quebec, but the close source says that Catherine didn’t warm up much more than the weather, which Michael noted was minus 10 degrees.

Added the source: “Sad to say, Catherine has run out of love for Michael.

“They probably would have filed for divorce already if Michael wasn’t so intent to make the mar­riage work for their children. But their attempted reunion was an absolute disaster, and Michael came away realizing Catherine’s heart just isn’t in it to give their marriage a second chance.”