MICHAEL DOUGLAS could be marked for death – because of his trou­bled son CAMERON’s courtroom testimony against vi­cious drug dealers!

Michael’s son Camer­on, 32, who is currently serving a five-year pris­on sentence on federal narcotics charges, was the government’s star witness in early Octo­ber against one of his suppliers. The federal trial in Manhattan end­ed recently with a conviction.

Cameron, whose sentence was cut in half because of his cooperation, is set to return to the stand in late Octo­ber for the trial of yet another dealer.Those close to his famous father fear the 67-year-old Oscar winner could be targeted by ruthless criminals in retaliation for Cameron’s testi­mony.

“Michael feels Cameron got what he deserves for pos­sessing and dealing cocaine and crystal meth, but his pals are concerned that he will be in the crosshairs of Cameron’s dealers,” a source who once worked for the family revealed.

While Cameron may be placed in protective custody to prevent re­taliation at the Lewisburg, Pa., prison where he’s serving his sentence, sources speculate that his family could be in grave danger.

“Since they are out in public, they could be hunted down,” main­tained the source. “I think they’ll have to beef up security and hire bodyguards to keep an eye on them around the clock.”

Cameron was the prosecution’s star witness on Oct. 4, when he testified he got drugs from illegal Mexican  immigrant David Escalera. Escalera was convicted and sentenced to five years in prison.

On Oct. 24, the trial of Da­vid’s brother Eduardo begins, and Cameron is expected to make another appearance for the prosecution.

Cameron is clearly rattled by his ‘rat’ status. Eduardo claims he came face to face with him when authorities inadvertently stuck him in a court holding cell with Cam­eron last month. Cameron reportedly told Eduardo that “the government is forcing him to lie.”

The brothers are reputedly part of a bicoastal drug ring – and what’s more frighten­ing, they may also have ties to the violent Mexican drug cartels, say sources.

“These are bad dudes with a lot of mon­ey and guns at their disposal,” one of the sources said. “They will stop at nothing to seek revenge.”

A narco-terrorism expert confirmed that Michael has real reason to be afraid.

“These Mexican drug suppliers are ruthless, and they will strike out at any­one who they think is threatening them or their business,” the expert told The ENQUIRER.

In September, the bodies of a young man and woman were found hanging from a bridge in the border city of Nuevo Laredo. A note found with them indicated they were murdered because they had used social media to denounce drug cartel vio­lence in Mexico. Not long after, suspected drug gangs dumped 35 dead bodies on a main highway in Mexico’s gulf coast in the middle of rush hour.

“When word gets out Cameron’s a wea­sel – ratting out his suppliers – it could get real ugly, real fast,” said a former fellow inmate.

“Not only does Cameron have to watch his back, but now so does his father. This is the last thing Michael needs right now,” the source added.