DISNEY DIVAs claws bared as DEMI LOVATO’s tantrums spark ‘X Factor’ feud  with BRITNEY SPEARS just days into the filming of the show’s second season!

Teen actress/singer Demi, 19, is said to be so jealous of Britney and her diva behavior that she’s been tak­ing out her frustration on everyone around her.

But instead of engaging in an all-out cat fight with the tempestuous teen, insiders say Britney just ignores Demi, which only annoys her more.

“Demi was overheard making com­ments about how annoying it is that Britney gets so much attention on the set,” said an insider.

“It’s clear she’s jealous and takes it out on the staff.

“She gripes about her clothes not fitting right and her makeup looking bad, even complaining that the water an assistant brought her wasn’t cold enough.”

Demi’s also insulted that Britney’s making a reported $15 million, while her deal was for just over $1 million, the insider said.

“Demi thinks she should be treated as an equal to Britney,” the insider re­vealed. “When she heard about Britney’s salary, she ran into her dressing room and slammed the door.”

Britney, 30, however is be­ing allowed to get away with her diva behavior. She unexplainably stormed off the set twice during auditions, later tweeting she was just taking breaks.

“Demi complained to producers of the show, but they told her Britney was indeed just taking breaks and is allowed to do so whenever she wants,” said the insider.

Meanwhile, sly Britney KNOWS how to get Demi’s goat by cuddling up close to Simon on the judges’ panel, leaving the teen singer looking like she’s out of the loop, the insider added.

The mismatched pair were hired by “X Factor” creator Simon Cowell after soft ratings in Season 1 prompted him to fire judges Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger.

He’s counting on Britney bringing along her loyal fan base and Demi drawing a younger crowd. Demi, the insider said, better mend fences with Britney and deliver.

“The bottom line is she doesn’t have Britney’s star power,” added the insid­er. “And if she keeps up her behavior, Simon may axe her next!”