BOX-office champ Melissa McCarthy was dying to work with Oscar-winning Hollywood legend Woody Allen, but the quirky director shot her down.

Now she’s taking the snub very hard.

“She wanted to work with Woody very badly,” said a source. “It would have been a dream come true.”

The Emmy-winning “Mike & Molly” star, 43, has become one of TinselTown’s most bankable actresses by making the leap to the big screen in comedy blockbusters such as “Bridesmaids” and “The Heat.”

And she’s expected to have another hit this summer with the rib-tickler “Tammy.”

But “Melissa is crazy for Woody Allen’s comedies, and she says she’d do anything to get a part in one,” a Hollywood insider told The ENQUIRER.

Melissa had her reps contact Woody to see if he was interested in casting her.

“The good news is Woody said she’s a marvelous actress,” revealed the source. “The bad news is he went on to say he felt she wasn’t right for any of his current projects. That’s really just a polite way of saying ‘no thanks.’”

But that didn’t stop the butterball dynamo.

The source says that Melissa figured she could get to Woody through his best friend Diane Keaton, and the “Annie Hall” star happily interceded with the 78-year-old director on Melissa’s behalf.

“But the outcome was still the same – no dice,” said the source.

However, the attempt apparently wasn’t a complete waste of time.

Said the source: “Diane told Melissa, ‘I’m no Woody, but I’d love to do a comedy with you. Count me in on your next one.’ ”