MIKE & MOLLY” star MELISSA McCARTHY is terrified a nude scene she filmed years ago will come back to haunt her!

The 42-year-old Emmy winner – Oscar-nominated for her role in last year’s hilarious hit “Bridesmaids” – stripped down for the 2009 comedy “Pretty Ugly People,” but she seriously regrets it now, according to pals.

“The scene required Melissa and her co-star Octavia Spencer to be filmed jumping into a hot spring totally in the buff,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“In the end, the scene was edited so they’re only shown in the water up to their shoulders, and the full frontal nude shots ended up on the cutting room floor.

“But Melissa knows some film editor or techie could have that nude footage locked away somewhere. Her worst nightmare is that it will ultimately show up on some tawdry X-rated website.”

The former stand-up comic has two young daughters with actor hubby Ben Falcone, and is in the running for a second Emmy.

Melissa is now filming the action comedy “The Heat” with Sandra Bullock, “so she’s certainly on her way to superstardom,” the source said.

“And she’s been around Hollywood long enough to know that movie ‘outtakes’ pop up all the time. All she can think about is that lost footage showing her completely naked.

“She’s hoping for the best but preparing for the worst in case the film gets into the wrong hands. Now that she’s made it to the top the last thing she needs is a nude video scandal!”