Published on: April 12, 2012
Photography by: Getty Images


MELISSA ETHERIDGE war with lesbian ex-partner TAMMY LYNN MICHAELS explodes in court docs, with child abuse claims and counter-claims!

Melissa doesn't want to give her ex-partner any extra money in child support payments  -- AND in shocking legal documents filed last week, she claims her ex accidentally burned their young son with a cigarette.

"Respondent [Tammy Lynn Michaels] admitted to Petitioner [Melissa] in August of 2011 that she smokes cigarettes and that she accidentally burned Miller when she dropped a cigarette on him," it stated in Melissa's legal documents.

"This is an unnecessary hazard for the children to be exposed to and exposure to secondhand smoke is detrimental to the children's health." reported that in a poem titled "Laundering Secrets," Tammy addressed the cigarette burning incident explaining that while she was "doing her bad habit," their son unexpectedly ran up at her playing "Invisible Monster Tackling Mommy."

Tammy also goes on to say that her son "has insane pain tolerance" and that Melissa was alerted immediately.

Ii a flash she turns the tables on her ex and all her "money secrets, sex secrets, pay-to-say-nothing secrets and cheating secrets."

It only gets weirder and weirder….

COURT DOCUMENTS: Tammy Files For Full Custody