"THAT’s a hell of an example for OUR son!” MELANIE GRIFFITH hurls invectives at ex-hubby in wake of headline making drug arrest!

 Melanie hurled those angry words at ex-husband Steven Bauer after the 56-year-old actor was busted in Florida for driving with a suspended license.

To make matters worse, Bauer’s passenger – a 23-year-old woman – was arrested for possession of marijuana!

“Melanie was fit to be tied,” said a source close to the “Working Girl” actress, 55. “She thinks this is a terrible example for Steven to set for their son Alexander. And she really flipped out when she heard he was out with a woman even younger than Alexander!”

Bauer was stopped in Sweetwater, Fla., just after 4 a.m. on Dec. 18 for making an improper left turn.

He was given a warning, but then the officer found an open 12-year-old warrant for driving on a suspended license.

Bauer claimed the matter had been settled. But after the officer allegedly spotted a baggie of marijuana and a glass pipe in passenger Wilmar Mach­ado’s purse, they were both hauled off to the Miami-Dade County Jail.

The “Scarface” actor, who wed Melanie in 1982, has battled substance abuse issues since co-starring in the 1983 film about a Miami drug lord.

Although he and Melanie divorced in 1987, she helped him get into drug rehab in 1998.

She’s also bounced in and out of rehab, but her marriage to actor Antonio Banderas has helped her straighten out, said the source.

Now she’s concerned about Bauer’s influence on their 27-year-old son, who went Christmas shopping with her in Los Angeles on Dec. 17.

“Alexander may look like a wild-haired hippie, but he’s a nice young man,” said the source.

“Melanie doesn’t want him following in his dad’s footsteps.”