Wife kicks Mel Gibson out of the bedroom after he says "I’ll never divorce you!"

That’s the latest in the turbulent 28-year marriage of the Oscar-winner and his wife Robyn.  As The ENQUIRER reported in our Dec. 1 issue, sources said Robyn finally snapped after enduring Mel’s cheating, binge drinking and fits of uncontrollable rage.

The last straw came when the staunch Catholic director, 52, was photographed with a 28-year-old Russian hottie Oksana on the Boston set of his new film.  By the time Apocalypto Mel returned home to Malibu for Thanksgiving,"Mel told Robyn they had to stick together for the sake of their kids," a family friend told The ENQUIRER. "He said they needed to wipe the slate clean and promised to recommit to their life together."

 Mel, like most devout Catholics, believes marital vows are sacrosanct and divorce is a no-no.  But Robyn felt trapped. 

 "She can’t take Mel back one more time and pretend nothing happened, so she resorted to her only option," the source revealed.  "She banned Mel from their bedroom!"

With three homes on their five-acre Malibu spread, the two are basically leading separate lives in separate houses, said a source close to the family.  With Mel’s estimated worth is $900 million, a divorce would slice his fortune in half since he and Robyn have no prenup.

"As far as Robyn is concerned, Mel’s getting exactly what he deserves – half a marriage," the family friend added.

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