Despite rumors emanating from a NYC daily’s gossip page, famed funnyman producer Mel Brooks, 82, is not retiring.

"I’m not quitting," he told The Hollywood Reporter

"I’m not at all slowing down, and nobody has told me to stop."

The 30 year-old BrooksFilms shingle was reputed to be shutting down but Mel says he’s currently prepping a horror film called Pizzaman with longtime collabs Rudy De Luca and Steve Haberman.

He began BrooksFilms back in 1980 when producing The Elephant Man because he feared audience would laugh when they saw the title A Mel Brooks Film

Mel needn’t have worried as that was directed by creep-meister general David Lynch.

Another project for the vet showman is reputed to be a B’way version of classic oater Blazing Saddles.