MEG RYAN sure likes her men younger these days!

Since her split-up with “Gladiator” Russell Crowe, Meg has been making the rounds with sexy 27-year-old Breckin Meyer.

In March, Meg, 38, was spotted at a Madison Square Garden Knicks game with Breckin, her younger co-star. And earlier this month the couple was yucking it up at the opening of a swanky men’s store in Manhattan.

“Meg’s crazy about Breckin!” a Meg insider revealed. “Since they started shooting their new movie ‘Kate & Leopold’ in February, they’ve been joined at the hip.

“Meg was on a major downer earlier this year after dealing with a stale marriage to Dennis Quaid, 47, and a heartbreaking affair with Crowe, 37.

“So when Breckin and Meg started working on their movie, Meg was drawn to his youthful, fun-loving ways.

Drew Barrymore says Breckin Meyer was the first boy to kiss her — at age 10 when they attended grade school together.

“No head trips, no pressure — nothing but a good time.

“Meg jokes with Breckin that he’s a Garth look-alike from the movie ‘Wayne’s World’ and, when her hair is straight, he jokingly calls her a female version of Andy Warhol.

“Breckin is currently dating screenwriter Deborah Kaplan, but he still makes time for his new friend Meg.

“Breckin’s first shot at showbiz was as a rock drummer. He actually started a band with Dean Martin’s grandson Alex.

“They played a few gigs in L.A., but now Breckin’s turned his talents to full-time acting,” said the insider. “If his acting career fails, Breckin has decided to go back to school and become a kindergarten teacher. No matter what, as far as Meg’s concerned, he’s already the teacher’s pet!”