Hollywood legend, John Wayne co-star, MAUREEN O’HARA charges former assistant with elder abuse and WORSE!  

Instead of enjoying her golden years in peace, the flame haired beauty is embroiled in a nasty legal battle against her former personal assistant amid allegations of elder abuse and financial shenanigans.

Maureen, who turns 92 August 17, has fired her aide Carolyn Murphy as an investigation into the Irish icon’s finances evolves.

 “I trusted Carolyn, not only as my personal assistant, but also with my power of attorney for the past six years,” said Maureen,  the star of such classics as “The Quiet Man” with John Wayne and “Miracle on 34th Street” with a young Natalie Wood.

“I have recently made discoveries that give me grave concern regarding Carolyn’s handling of my affairs.

“I am astonished that she ignores pleas to provide the information we need to reconcile financial and personal property audits.”

Meanwhile, Murphy insists she’s done nothing wrong.

BUT Maureen herself said, “I need answers to some disturbing questions, because I feel like my trust has been violated.”