Oh, no — not again! Matthew Perry has had yet another car crash on the streets of Hollywood, his fourth wreck in the past two years!

The “Friends” star was driving in his silver BMW convertible with beautiful Selma Blair of “Legally Blonde” on November 26 when his car collided with a car driven by an elderly man, The ENQUIRER has learned. No one was hurt in the incident.

In April 2001, Perry was involved in another accident when a 75-year-old woman ran a stop sign and smashed into his car. In September 2000 he was riding in a limousine that rear-ended a Jaguar, and in May 2000 Perry narrowly escaped serious injury when he swerved his Porsche to avoid another car and plowed into the porch of a Hollywood home.

Perry has battled drug addiction in the past, but drugs and alcohol were not involved in any of his accidents –just lousy luck.

A witness to Perry’s latest bang- up revealed:

“I saw Matthew trying to make a left turn from 3rd Street onto Crescent Heights. The gentleman driving the other vehicle was coming down 3rd Street from the other direction toward Matthew’s car. I don’t know who was at fault because it happened so fast.

“Matthew got out of there as fast as possible. Cops never even arrived at the scene.”

Witnesses to the 2:00 p.m. crash told The ENQUIRER that Perry and Blair got out of the car immediately after the accident.

“It looked like a scene right out of a ‘Friends’ episode,” a source told The ENQUIRER.

“There were Matthew Perry and Selma Blair in the middle of a Hollywood intersection, exchanging insurance information.”

The red Volvo in which the elderly man and his wife were riding damaged Perry’s brand-new two-seater silver BMW convertible.

“The front end was smashed in,” another observer said. “There was glass all over the ground but both cars were still O.K. to drive.”

After apologizing, Perry quickly exchanged numbers with the couple and everyone left.

Perry’s rep, Lisa Kasteler, told The ENQUIRER her client’s accident was nothing more than a fender bender.