AFTER counting calories for years to stay in action hero shape, MATT DAMON has vowed his next screen role will be “doughnut friendly,” a pal says.

“For the last two years, Matt has literally had to watch every morsel he put in his mouth,” a close family friend told The ENQUIRER.

“He’s admitted to pals that he’s sick to death of dieting. He says he wants to find a project where he doesn’t have to count every single calorie.

“And if he can’t find a project like that, Matt has said he’ll take a break from filming. That’s how serious he is.”

The 42-year-old Os­car winner – famous for his movie role as amnesiac assassin Jason Bourne – di­eted religiously while filming the Liberace biopic “Behind the Candelabra” and the upcoming sci-fi thrill­er “Elysium,” said the source.

And he’s still work­ing hard to stay in shape while filming “The Monu­ments Men” with George Clooney. But the father of four daughters has admitted his greatest chal­lenge was packing on 30 pounds in 2008 for “The Informant!” and then shedding the weight for re­shoots on “Green Zone.”

“To slim down, Matt ran five miles on the beach every day, cut out carbs and ate a lot of tuna, chicken and al­monds,” said the pal.

But that kind of reg­imen has gotten old for the actor.

“Matt’s ready to step back from the hunk roles,” said the source. “He’d much rather eat doughnuts and look like all the other dads picking up their kids at karate class.”