According to reports, AMY WINEHOUSE died at 27 after ingesting a massive lethal drug cocktail including coke, heroin, Ecstasy and Special K. EXCLUSIVE PICTURE!
The UK Sunday People reported Winehouse was seen buying narcotics, “believed to include cocaine, heroin, ecstasy and the horse tranquilizer ketamine, from a dealer shortly after 10.30pm on Friday”.
Ketamine is often referred to as “Special K” by its users.

As The ENQUIRER reported, Winehouse’s body was removed from her home in Camden, just north of London after it was discovered at her flat.

But on the last night of her tormented life, pals told The People that she had died much earlier after indulging in a massive narcotics bender during a night out with her chums.

“Amy seemed determined to have a big one on Friday night,” a source told the tab.
“She was out in Camden on Friday evening, but seemed determined to carry on the party back at her flat."

The Grammy-award winner was thought to have returned to her first floor flat about midnight but she is said to have been seen purchasing drugs 90 minutes earlier.

Amy was also believed to have resuming her heavy boozing over the past three weeks following yet another stint in rehab.

Vowing “not to crack up”, her father Mitch, 60, told media, “I'm devastated. It is such a shock. I can’t say any more right now because I have to leave my phone free for other calls.”

Her mother Janis is reportedly heartbroken in her Southgate home, just north of London.
It is unclear whether or not Amy’s on-off again BF Reg Traviss, 34, was even aware of her death.