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Mary-Louise Parker: ‘Weeds’ Star’s Nanny Gets Busted

Babysitter allegedly rings up big bill on debit card!

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Mary-Louise Parker’s nanny has been busted for taking care of herself — with the star’s hard-earned cash!

Babysitter Amanda Hoston-St. Louis was reportedly given Parker’s debit card and PIN to cover expenses related to the Golden Globe winner’s two children — 13-year-old William and 10-year-old Caroline.

But after two withdrawals totaling more than $3,000, Mary-Louise’s bank raised the alarm!

Hoston-St. Louis has been charged with “identity theft,” “grand larceny” and “possession of stolen property.” Sources say she’s been linked to more than $30,000 in unauthorized transactions since 2016.

The caregiver, a trusted member of Mary-Louise’s Brooklyn, N.Y., household, was listed in the acknowledgments of The West Wing actress’ 2015 memoir, “Dear Mr. You.”