Trouble-magnet Martin Lawrence is in hot water again: This time a woman is claiming the “Big Momma’s House” star raped and threatened her.

Because the woman waited three months to go to police — and admitted continuing to see Lawrence and having consensual sex with him — Los Angeles authorities haven’t charged the actor with rape. But they are looking into claims that Lawrence made “criminal threats” agianst her, sources say.

“Martin says that because he’s famous, he’s got a target on his back,” a source told The ENQUIRER. “He says this rape allegation was totally bogus — that this woman was just trying to shake him down. He’s been keeping his nose clean.”

In the latest incident, a woman filed a police complaint February 7, claiming that on November 1 of last year she met Lawrence at a bar and went back to his home, where the 37-year-old actor raped her.

“The two went back to the master bedroom and sat on the bed,” she claimed in the report.

“The victim told him that she just came back to his place to talk and not for anything else.”

But Lawrence began rubbing her leg, the report says, and she told him it made her uncomfortable. When Lawrence tried to take her pants off, the woman told him she did not want to be intimate with him and that she wanted to leave, the report says.

She told police that before she knew it, her pants were off and Lawrence had put on a condom. Although she told him “no,” she told authorities she did not resist and they had intercourse.

After the alleged rape, the woman told authorities Lawrence continued to phone her. She and Lawrence “had consensual sex one additional time after the incident and continued to see each other,” the report states.

The woman complained Lawrence threatened her, saying he’d bust her lip and knew where she lived if he wanted to blow her up. But although police eavesdropped on her phone conversation with Lawrence, the actor never admitted to threatening the woman — and even apologized to her if he had sounded threatening, the report said.

The Los Angeles district attorney’s office has dropped the rape charges, but is still considering the allegations of “criminal threats,” according to the report.

A police insider said: “The investigation regarding those threats is still ongoing and the police are even considering helping the woman move to another location for her safety — but I don’t think anything will come of this because her case is too weak.”

A close female friend of the actor says Lawrence would never commit rape and is not a violent person.

“Martin is a little crazy and still has a temper, but he would never rape a woman,” the friend said. “He’s not the same person he was years ago. The Martin Lawrence of today is not the same angry, violent man.”

Lawrence spokesperson Arnold Robinson told The ENQUIRER he had “no knowledge of the case.”