Christmas won’t be very merry for Martha Stewart. The domestic diva is terribly depressed as she faces the holidays alone, say sources.

Her fiancé Charles Simonyi is spending the holiday season thousands of miles away, in Russia, where he’s preparing for a space mission. But loneliness is not the only reason the 65-year-old is down in the dumps these days.

Martha is humiliated over losing to new-cook-on-the-block Rachael Ray in the TV ratings wars. What’s more, she’s desperately longing to be a grandmother — and is begging her daughter Alexis to have a baby!

“She’s in an emotional tailspin — this is normally her favorite time of year, but she’s stressed out,” said a friend.

On Oct. 17 Martha let it slip to the women on “The View” that she is ready to get married again. But instead of being with his bride-to-be, Charles is in Russia, where he’s training for a March 2007 trip to the International Space Station aboard the Soyuz spacecraft.

“Instead of kissing under the mistletoe, Charles and Martha will be communicating via computer or phone,” said a friend. “He can’t leave Russia, and it’s really made Martha terribly blue.

“Martha knows Charles loves her, but it steams her that his ‘mission’ is all he’s thinking about and he has no time for her.”

Making matters worse, Martha is “terribly embarrassed” over having lost out this past fall in the syndicated show ratings to upstart TV cook Rachael Ray, said the friend.

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