More than 50 years after their first date, MARTHA STEWART’s high school boy­friend still carries a torch for the domestic diva!
“Martha was beautiful, and she was on my radar from the moment I laid eyes on her when we were both students at Nutley High School,” retired teacher SAM STELLATELLA told The ENQUIRER exclusively.
“I was a star center and lineback­er on the football team, but I was a senior and Martha was a freshman.
“That was too much of an age differ­ence, so I didn’t make my move until years later when Martha was a high school senior,” Sam divulged.
By then Sam was a junior at Penn State.
But he’d kept tabs on Martha, who’d launched a modeling career, appearing in a Lifebuoy soap TV com­mercial.
“Our first date was a BIG one — New Year’s Eve 1958,” Sam revealed.
“At the stroke of midnight, I kissed Martha passionately. She seemed to really enjoy it – and her technique was pretty darn good!”
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