A dupe of a FBI-classified hard core sex film starring Marilyn Monroe has surfaced and been sold to a collector of extremely rare erotica.

Fifteen minutes of grainy 16mm footage shows Marilyn performing oral sex on an unidentified male was sold to a New York businessman for a steamy $1.5 million.

The FBI footage originates form the early 1960s when FBI director J. Edgar Hoover spent weeks investigating the link between blonde bombshell and JFK and/or Bobby Kennedy.  The footage shows Marilyn on her knees doing the deed but not the man.  Neither seems aware they were being secretly filmed.

“You see instantly that it’s Marilyn Monroe,” prominent memorabilia maven Keya Morgan told The New York Post.  “She has the famous mole.”

Morgan brokered the sale of the XXX film to an unidentified businessman who wants to keep this historical rarity unseen.

“He said he’s just going to lock it up…out of respect,” Morgan revealed.