Some Like It Pot! Rare unearthed home movie shows Hollywood icon making like Mary-Jane Monroe pot puffing away.

The silentcolor film was lensed in either 1958 or 1959 at a very private home in New Jersey, and the film can had been stored in favorable conditions – a cold attic- for over fifty years.
The rare home version of Reefer Madness starring luscious MM emerged when collector Keya Morgan purchased the 16mm footage for $275,000 from the aging partygoer who shot the rare footage of Marilyn enjoying some illicit doobage back in the good old repressed 1950s.

A collector of historical photos, manuscripts and autographs, Morgan is planning a doc on the peroxided JFK mistress and plans to sell the footage of her being a midnight toker on-eBay next week. Marilyn suffered depression for most of her life before her untimely death in 1962 at age 36 from a barbiturates overdose