While MARIE OSMOND married Stephen Craig for a second time, she doesn’t completely trust him!

The peppy entertainer demanded her new hubby sign a quitclaim deed on a home she purchased in Las Vegas last month, meaning he relin­quishes all rights of ownership to it.

Marie and Stephen married in May 2011 – 26 years after their first three-year marriage ended in divorce. But it was the man she married in between those two wed­dings – Brian Blosil – that has made her overly cautious about her finances, say sources.

When Marie’s marriage to Brian fell apart in 2007, she was left strug­gling to provide for her eight kids. Brian received the family’s Utah home in the settlement, and Marie relocated to Las Vegas, where she began working full time to support her brood.

“THAT will never happen to me again!” Marie declared when she bought her new home in Sin City. The day she took ownership, she had Stephen sign over all his rights to the property. The 52-year-old performer purchased the beautiful 4-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom, 5,224-square-foot home on April 6 for $885,000. It’s located in the Vegas suburb of Hen­derson.

“Marie already has a huge man­sion in Las Vegas she bought several years ago, but she thought it might be time to downsize since several of her children have moved out on their own,” said a source. “Meanwhile, Marie is cautious and wants to main­tain financial control. Stephen had no problem signing the quitclaim document. He has no plans to divorce Marie. He is deeply in love with her, and if a divorce did happen, he doesn’t need nor want any of her money.”

Marie has experienced more than her fair share of tragedies in the past few years, in­cluding the suicide of her 18-year-old son, Michael, in 2010.

“Marie has been through a lot, but she has come out on the other side stronger than ever,” added the source. “And she’s determined to make sure she’s emotionally and financially secure for the rest of her life.”