Marie Osmond Double Divorce Disaster

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MARIE OSMOND may be headed for her second divorce from STEPHEN CRAIG!

The two split af­ter three years of marriage in 1985, then remarried in 2011. But now, a source tells The ENQUIRER that history could re­peat itself if she doesn’t start paying more attention to him.

Apparently, Craig is fed up with Marie’s workaholic ways. And when the singing sensation does take time off from her frenzied schedule, she jets off to California to see her new grandson – and leaves Stephen at home.

“Stephen’s just had enough,” said a source. “He’s lonely and wants his wife at home with him. But Marie prefers to spend all her spare time with her new grandson.”

The baby – whose name, ironical­ly, is Stephen Craig Jr. – was born to Marie and Stephen’s son, also named Stephen, and his wife, Claire, in De­cember.

“Stephen told Marie, ‘I’m sick and tired of being alone all the time,’ ” said the source.

Indeed, Marie has a full calendar these days. In ad­dition to her popular show at Las Vegas’ Flamingo with her brother Donny, the two performed in a sold-out Christmas tour, and reports say multiple cities are asking to be included on their 2014 touring schedule. Marie is also busy hawking her line of dolls on QVC and The Shopping Channel, making TV appear­ances, peddling a line of sewing machines and fabrics, and promot­ing NutriSystem as well as a line of emergency food and storage systems with the Wise Company. Between her showbiz and business ventures, the songbird has amassed a net worth of $17 million.

But the biggest obstacle to mari­tal bliss right now seems to center around the recent addition to the family.

“Marie is thrilled to be a new grandmother – perhaps too thrilled,” the source said. “Every time she gets a chance, she’s flying off to California to be with her son’s family, leaving her husband behind in Nevada.”

And Marie has no intention of slowing down to appease her hus­band.

“When Stephen complained to her, she hit back, telling him in no uncertain terms that SHE wears the pants in the family and is the one who brings home the bacon,” said the source.

The 54-year-old performer mar­ried Stephen for the first time in 1982. After they divorced, Marie went on to wed Brian Blosil in 1986. That marriage ended in 2007, and Marie and Stephen walked down the aisle for the second time on May 4, 2011.

“Marie and Stephen divorced once before after three years of marriage,” the source noted.