Gran’ MARIE – not keen on new mom moniker.

MARIE OSMOND is thrilled that her son Stephen Craig and wife Claire have given birth to a baby boy – but don’t dare call her “granny”!

“Marie can’t wait to be a doting grandparent – but she isn’t crazy about the ti­tle,” revealed an insider.

“She hates the idea of being called ‘grandma’ or ‘nana’ and says those antiquated names make her feel a hun­dred years old.”

The 54-year-old mother of eight was excited beyond belief this past June when she appeared on a talk show and con­firmed our story that she was going to be a first-time grandma.

She jokingly declared: “I’m pregnant.” Then she quickly ex­plained to the cheering studio audience: “No, no! But my daugh­ter-in-law is (pregnant).”

Divulged the source: “Marie is elated that her grandson, who was due Dec. 26, arrived eight days early.

“She’s calling him her best early Christmas present ever, and she can’t wait to begin fawning all over him.

“She’s going to be knitting and sewing all sorts of clothes for the little guy and really wants to be a take-charge grand­parent.”

Marie’s musician/ actor son Stephen lives in Los Ange­les, which is only an hour away by plane from the Flamingo Las Vegas, where Marie performs with her brother Donny – and she plans to make the trip often.

The multitalented entertainer is expecting even more good news in 2014.

“Her daughter Rachael got mar­ried last Christmas Day,” said the source, “and Marie wants to become a grandmother for the second time in the new year. She wants as many grandchildren as possible!”