DON’T expect to see Marie Osmond returning to “Dancing with the Stars” anytime soon!

The beloved 54-year-old performer ripped into the popular ABC dance competition during a recent appearance on “The Wendy Williams Show” – blasting her dance partner, the host and even the show’s staff.

The show should be called “Dancing with the Starved,” fumed the singer, contending that it leads to extreme dieting.

MARIE also opened fire on her dance partner Jonathan Roberts and co-host Tom Bergeron for letting her fall to the floor when she got dizzy and fainted during her 2007 appearance.

“Where was my partner and where was Tom?” she bristled.

As The ENQUIRER reported, Marie had gone on a crash diet to lose 30 pounds and was suffering from a dangerously low potassium level when she collapsed, although Marie claimed to Wendy that she experienced a lack of oxygen because she had practiced outside while wildfires were sweeping California.

Marie also made the point that “DWTS” is sexist, claiming women get the tough routines while males have it easy.

“The boys do nothing, the girls do all the dancing!” she said.

To support her claim, she noted that while she made it into the finals, her brother Donny won the coveted mirror ball trophy in 2009.

Marie has long had a simmering hatred for “DWTS,” and Williams’ show gave her the opportunity to vent, say sources.

“Marie felt bullied on ‘Dancing with the Stars,’” disclosed an insider. “And she knows other contestants have gotten terrible treatment by pro dancers, judges and crew members.”

While “DWTS” producers are reportedly outraged at her remarks, the insider said: “Marie doesn’t care if she’s burning bridges.