Published on: February 1, 2012
Photography by: Splash News Online

MARIE OSMOND is threatening to divorce hubby STEPHEN CRAIG – again – if he doesn’t quit harping about her near “workaholic” ways, sources say.

The super busy 52-year-old entertainer barely squeezed in a two-day honeymoon after the couple tied the knot for the second time last May, and insiders say she’s refused Stephen’s pleas to cut back her schedule – especially since she just signed to do a new talk show on the Hallmark channel..

“Marie works her life away and Stephen is sick of it,” an insider told The ENQUIRER.

“Their arguments have become extremely intense. Marie feels a lot of pressure to make as much money as possible because so many people are counting on her. But Stephen feels that the more she makes, the more she wants.”

The mother of eight – who has a steady gig with her brother Donny at Las Vegas’ Flamingo hotel – was mostly her family’s sole breadwinner during her 20-year marriage to second hubby Brian Blosil, the insider said.

So she’s used toworking all the time, and she’ll accept almost any job offered to her,” the insider divulged.

“But Stephen makes plenty of money as a motivational speaker, and he believes they’d be OK financially if Marie cut her workload in half.

“Marie feels otherwise and becomes agitated when he brings it up. One time she bluntly told him, ‘I divorced you once and I’ll do it again if you don’t back off!’”

Marie first married Stephen, now 55, in June 1982, and divorced him three years later. Their son Steve is 28, and Marie has seven children ranging in age from 9 to 24 with ex-hubby Blosil. Their son Michael tragically committed suicide at age 18 in February 2010.

“Stephen has sacrificed his business to cater to Marie and her kids, but she’s refused to cut back on her career for him,” the insider added.

“He wants Marie to continue working but to remember that she’s not only a mother and entertainer, she’s also his wife. She spends so much time working that he feels as if he’s more of a nanny than a husband.”

What’s worse, when Marie’s show at the Flamingo has a scheduled break, Donny books gigs for them without consulting her, said the source.

“Stephen thinks Donny has more input into Marie’s life than he does, and he doesn’t like it,” the source revealed.

In a bid to get Marie to slow down, doting husband Stephen secretly planned another romantic trip for the couple during a February break in her Vegas show. But he later learned she’d been booked to work a Caribbean cruise.

“The bottom line is that Marie and Stephen are fighting more than ever,” said the source. “If they’re both willing to compromise, they’ll make it through these trying times. But only time will tell if this marriage will last.”