Mariah Carey, 38, and Nick Cannon, 27, acted like a couple of 12 year olds when they met on the set of Mariah’s music video “Bye Bye”.

Twelve year olds who fell madly in love and ran away from home to a Bahamas wedding!

First, Mariah cast Nick as a lover in the video and they turned the make believe real. Then she sported a ginormous engagement ring at the Tribeca Film Festival.

Then it was off to Mariah’s Bahamian island where a lavish wedding occurred.  Dom Perignon flowed like tap water as the bride adorned a gown by Nile Cmylo.

Then Mariah and Nick got Mr. And Mrs. matching tattoos.

“Rings are special and exciting,” Nick gushed .  “But tattoos mean more than anything. They’re forever and ever.”

And nothing says true wedded bliss lasting forever like matching tattoos proclaiming enduring love – just ask Johnny Depp and Winona Ryder.