Published on: August 2, 2001

Mariah Carey's mother placed a frantic late-night call to police after the songbird threatened to kill herself because she was dumped by boyfriend Luis Miguel -- for two-timing him with rapper Eminem!

That's the untold story behind the 31-year-old diva's forced admission to the psychiatric ward of a hospital following a six-day meltdown that culminated with police taking Mariah from her her mom's house on July 25.

Mariah's spokesperson initially said the singer was suffering from exhaustion due to overwork. But a friend revealed: "Mariah just fell apart. She was threatening to kill herself, saying she couldn't go on after Luis dumped her."

The issue that hits stands on Friday reveals all the details of the breakdown drama, Mariah's tragic downward spiral, the tell-tale signs she was heading for a collapse, and more.