Illusionist David Copperfield‘s assistant rushed to ER after onstage disaster!

The aide was assisting in one of the Vegas magic man’s master illusions when he was struck by whirling mechanical fan blades. 

"During an illusion where David attempts to walk through the rotating blades of a 12-foot high industrial fan, the fan and its platform were being rotated by one of David’s illusion technicians," a rep for Copperfield’s show at the Las Vegas MGM Grand stated.

 "Just prior to David himself walking through the fan, [the aide] was accidentally pulled into the vortex of the moving fan blades, causing injury to his arm and face."

"The curtain came down partially," an audience eyewitness revealed. "Blood was everywhere, and the other assistants dragged the victim back. Then the curtain closed all the way.

"Copperfield came out and said, ‘I’m sorry, the show is over…if you want your money back, refunds will be given."

The magician’s aide, only known as Brandon, underwent major surgery last night.