Mortifying lawsuit as “outraged and horrified” family claims a funeral home presented their teen-age grandson’s body with “maggots coming out of his nose and from under his clothes"!

In Denver, Colorado , relatives of the late Manuel Edwards Jr. say in the disturbing legal filing  they had "to frantically clear the maggots off of him" before the funeral service began as they "pick(ed)the maggots off with their own hands and wiping them away from Manuel."

The horrified family is suing Keystone America dba Trevino Mortuary, in Denver County Court, reported.

According to legal docs, the family claims the defendants had in their possession the 18-year-old’s remains from June 9 to 14, 2011, but never actually embalmed him.

The Edwards family claims in the filing they were "insistent" about embalming, but Manuel's body "seemed not to have been embalmed" and "had started to decompose.

Manuel's face was a very dark color and there were maggots coming out of his nose and from under his clothes," the complaint states.

 The Edwards family claims it took four months until the funeral home "offered an apology (or) explanation".

The family seeks financial remuneration in damages for outrage, intentional infliction of emotional distress and breach of contract.