Madonna and new hubby Guy Ritchie had a huge public blowout that reduced the feisty star to tears — and now the shaken Material Girl is fighting to mend her seven-month-old marriage.

After finishing the European leg of her concert tour, the 42-year-old singer met movie director Guy, 32, for dinner at the romantic London eatery San Lorenzo.

Dinner went badly that night and the restaurant’s owner went outside to request that waiting fans leave the celebrity couple alone. Bodyguards admitted, “They’re going through a bad time.”

Suddenly Guy burst out of the eatery to their waiting limo and waited about four minutes before Madonna finally joined him. When the couple arrived at Claridge’s hotel, it was clear there had been an emotional upheaval in the vehicle.

“Madonna had tears in her eyes and was wiping her cheeks,” divulged a source. “Guy’s face was like stone as he looked away from Madonna.”

Normally, Guy is a courteous and attentive gentleman — but not this night.

“As soon as the car stopped, he jumped right out and stormed into the hotel without waiting for Madonna,” revealed the source. “She waited a full five minutes before getting out, trying to compose herself. She followed him with her hands up to her face and her makeup running.”

The high-octane couple started scrapping even BEFORE their romantic December wedding in a Scottish castle, divulged the source.

“And they’ve had plenty of fights since the wedding.

Madonna is worth more than $600 million.

“Guy made it clear he wasn’t impressed by the fact that Madonna is a megastar. He started to call her ‘the missus’ and he even had her help wash his car in the street one Sunday.”

It was startlingly clear the honeymoon was over when Guy recently admitted, “It’s still too early to say what influence my wife will have on my life — but what I already know is that life at her side can be stressful.”