Madonna‘s marriage to British filmmaker Guy Ritchie is breaking up, say sources — torn apart by Guy’s jealousy over her success and his misplaced fears that she’s cheating on him.

The soon-to-be 46-year-old superstar reportedly attempted to get pregnant again through a high-tech in vitro process in a desperate bid to save her nearly four-year marriage.

But now the Material Mom is ready to abandon ship.

“Madonna’s marriage is definitely on the rocks,” an insider declared.


“Guy’s been accusing Madonna of cheating while she’s on tour, and despite her assurances that she’s not, it seems he’s convinced himself that she is.

“The truth is Madonna isn’t cheating on Guy, and she’s probably fed up with dealing with his insecurities.

“What’s even more ridiculous is that Guy has been with Madonna most of the tour, so when would she have the chance to cheat?”

When serious marital problems first surfaced last year, Madonna thought she could fix them by getting pregnant, a source close to the singer disclosed.

“Because of her age, Madonna visited fertility doctors in both Los Angeles and London recently and even sought the blessing of her spiritual adviser, Rabbi Yehuda Berg.

“But it hasn’t happened, and because of her age the odds are against her.”


Witnessing the obsessive devotion Madonna’s fans have shown her on her tour — while watching his own career wane — has fueled Guy’s insecurity and jealousy, the close source said.

“Guy’s star has faded. His adaptation of the Italian film ‘Swept Away’ with Madonna as the star was a complete disaster.

“He still has a huge ego but now when he looks in the mirror every day, he sees Mr. Madonna, rather than Guy Ritchie, filmmaker extraordinaire.

“There’s no question he’s completely devoted to their son Rocco and Madonna’s daughter by Carlos Leon, Lourdes.

“But the simple fact is, Guy can’t seem to stand that he’ll always be behind Madonna in terms of success.

“Guy is wounded and hurt so he’s lashing out at Madonna, accusing her of infidelity. I think he’s sabotaging their relationship.”

As soon as Madonna kicked off her Re-Invention Tour in late May, “Guy became agitated and in a bad mood,” said the insider.

“If he wasn’t with her at all times, he was in cell phone contact.

“Whenever he talked to Madonna on the phone, he would ask who she’d been hanging out with and exactly what she did all day.

“He was intimidated by the in-concert adulation she was getting to begin with. He’d never been in the middle of things while she was on a major concert tour before.


“Recently, Madonna told a close girlfriend: ‘Things aren’t going well. Guy accused me of cheating with other men on the tour. I’m not cheating on him but that doesn’t matter. He’s convinced himself I am.’

“Madonna finished up the conversation with her girlfriend by saying, ‘Marriage just doesn’t seem to work out for me.’

“Privately, Madonna seems miserable. There’s no convincing Guy that she’s not sleeping with her backup dancers or meeting with old boyfriends while she’s on tour.

“The absurd accusations have eaten away at the trust Madonna and Guy used to have between them.”

The close source added: “It’s really sad because Madonna really thought she found the man she’d spend the rest of her life with.

“But Guy apparently can’t deal with his wife being so famous.

“Recently Madonna and Guy spent the weekend in Toronto in hopes of patching up some of their problems.

“Sadly, though, the people closest to Madonna think the marriage is beyond repair.”