Mad Michelle — More Than Fed Up With “Idiot” Prez

Mad Michelle — More Than Fed Up With “Idiot” Prez thumbnail

A fed up Michelle Obama is outraged that her husband’s widely criticized prisoner exchange could wreck her political ambitions – and she’s blasted him as an “idiot,” say sources.

“Michelle was so furious about the public backlash that she sarcastically asked him, ‘Whose side are you on?’” revealed a Washington insider. “She not only believes he made a dumb decision but also thinks it will negatively affect her post-White House career.

“She’s contemplating a run for Senate in her home state of Illinois, but after the prisoner exchange, she said it looks like the only speeches she’ll be making now will be to people wondering how she stayed married to ‘That idiot.’”

The furor erupted after Obama authorized freeing five high-ranking Taliban terrorists for U.S. Army captive Bowe Bergdahl, whom some suspect of being a deserter.

Many congressmen shared the first lady’s outrage, but the president refused to acknowledge he made a mistake.

“I’m never surprised by controversies that are whipped up in Washington,” the commander in chief fired back at critics.

The political brawl comes at a terrible time for Michelle, who some see as the only potential candidate powerful enough to unseat Illinois Republican Sen. Mark Kirk.

But a political observer noted: “The vicious attack on the Bergdahl exchange could ruin any political hopes Mrs. Obama has – and it’s got her thinking maybe she should walk out on Barack even before he leaves office.”

The  ENQUIRER has closely tracked the Obamas’ troubled 21-year marriage – and disclosed that Michelle has an explosive dossier on her husband’s alleged cheating that could be used in a divorce action.

Said the insider: “It’s just a matter of when she pulls the trigger.”