MEL GIBSON and his baby mama ex- OKSANA met in a Los Angels courtroom today for a face-to-face confrontation in their inflammatory custody battle over their infant daughter Lucia.

The Oscar winner arrived for a closed hearing at a Los Angeles courthouse  ten minutes before his Russkie ex Oksana Grigorieva arrived.

The case is sealed by law and the hearings are off limits to both the general public and members of the  press.

This marks the first time that Mel has personally appeared in court regarding THIS case.

Still ongoing is the investigation that Gibson claimed Oksna tried to blackmail him earlier this year as The ENQUIRER previously reported.

She has claimed that the Apocalypto director abused her in January and prosecutors have been presented with potentially damaging evidence by both sides while they contemplate whether to pursue criminal charges against either party.

It is unclear whether the audiotapes that caused a sensation of Mad Mel allegedly ranting are in play during the custody hearing.