NEARLY a year after his divorce from Katie Holmes, love-starved Tom Cruise is desperately trying to land a girlfriend, a source says.

The 51-year-old superstar, who’s worth an estimated $270 million, has even enlisted his teenage son Connor to help him find Miss Right. But he reportedly has his heart set on landing a stunner in her 20s, and that could be a mission impossible.

“Tom is lonely and very much wants a woman in his life right now,” disclosed an insider.

“He’s not used to being alone and believes that appearing to be a failure in the love department lessens his star power. He’s been combing through his contact list to call old girlfriends, and he’s hitting on young model types in hotspots – but so far, no luck.”

It’s a huge comedown for the once red-hot ac­tion hero, who’s already a three-time loser in marriage.

“Tom’s stock as a great catch has plummeted,” said the insider. “Women are more sympathetic to Katie since their bust-up. They see Tom as controlling and, with his Scientol­ogy connection, just downright creepy.”

To help him score chicks, Tom has turned to 18-year-old Connor, a well-regarded club deejay, a source says. He’s been spotted cruising hip clubs like Hyde in Hollywood, where he caught his adopted son’s deejay sets and “scoped out the girls,” noted the insider.

Last year, Connor intro­duced his dad to his knockout “Playboy” model friends Carla and Melissa Howe at a club, but Tom left early.

One problem is Father Time. As The ENQUIRER disclosed early this year, the actor appeared to be losing his hair while filming in London.

“Tom is sensitive about being over the hill and thinks a younger woman will make him more relevant with younger audiences,” said the source.

But when it comes to romance, it seems he’s no longer top gun.

As The ENQUIRER re­vealed, Tom’s 24-year-old “Rock of Ages” co-star, Julianne Hough, was angling for a hook-up with him, but Tom’s pals “warned him she most likely wanted to use him as a career stepping-stone,” said the insider.

Meanwhile, sources say that Tom is now hot for gorgeous, 29-year-old model Jessica White, who previously dated Sean Penn and recently became a Scientologist.

 “Tom volunteered to be Jessica’s personal Scientology tutor as a way to get close to her,” revealed the insider. “He’s bowled over by her exotic looks.”

But so far, nothing has gelled between them. And even a recent endorsement from Cher, who called Tom one of her five top lovers, hasn’t helped his quest.

Still, “Tom has set a goal to land a serious girlfriend by year’s end, and he’d like to be married again within a year or two,” said the source. “While things don’t look very promising now, when Tom sets his mind to something, he usually gets it.”