White may be the color of innocence, but Lost star Michelle Rodriguez favors it for her criminal-related activity.

When she posed for a police mugshot last December following her drunk-driving arrest, she wore a white top.

And she wore a white shirt underneath a jacket when she had to pose for a second mugshot.

And when the 27- year-old surrendered at court in Hawaii on April 25 to be taken into custody to serve a five-day jail sentence for her DUI conviction, she wore a tight-fitting white tank-top under an open hooded jacket.

Before going off to the slammer, Michelle blamed her bad behavior on steroid injections she said had been taking to treat allergies from living in Hawaii.

She said the steroids made her “manic” and kept her up late at night.

Fellow Lost actress Cynthia Watros, arrested on the same night as Michelle, pleaded guilty to drunken driving and was fined $312, ordered to undergo an alcohol assessment and 14 hours of counseling. She also had her license suspended for 90 days.