The LOST finale and most TV programming may be lost literally as a rogue satellite will disrupt transmissions to homes.

AP reports the Galaxy 15 satellite,  owned by European company Intelsat,  is on course to drift into the orbit of another satellite called AMC 11, which transmits cable programming across the U.S. sometime around May 23rd.

May 23rd – that’s right – the big Lost  two -and-a- half hour senses-shattering series finale.

Last month, Intelsat lost control of the Galaxy 15 — when it was possibly zapped by a solar storm.

Since then, it’s been floating aimlessly around Earth.

The ENQUIRER has learned that Intelsat won’t confirm which network transmissions it does broadcast but claims that despite inability to steer the satellite, the Galaxy 15 has continued to receive and send signals.

Meanwhile if your Lost finale party gets zapped May 23rd, we warned you.

Contrary to internet rumors sweeping the globe, transmitting the numbers 4 8 15 16 23 42 to the Galaxy 15 via electromagnetic pulse will NOT course correct the rogue satellite.