Celebrities make millions of dollars, but some of them don’t like to spend it. Look which Hollywood stars are secret penny-pinchers.

Judge Judy is as no-nonsense when she’s shopping as she is in the courtroom. “If I go to Saks or Bloomingdale’s I head right for the racks that say ’33 percent off’ — without shame. I was once with a friend who said, ‘At least go over and look at the other stuff first,’ and I said, ‘I’d never buy full price, so why waste my time?'”

Minnie Driver and Barbra Streisand refuse to pay retail, as well. Barbra has also been known to clip a coupon or two to get her gourmet coffee from Starbucks.

Finding good deals is no mission impossible for Tom Cruise, who has also been seen looking for the sale signs while shopping for himself and his kids.

Demi Moore, Julia Roberts, Hilary Swank, Cameron Diaz — they’ll all shop discount, if it’s vintage. There is a small shop in the Soho district of Manhattan where they are often seen purchasing evening dresses for events. Drew Barrymore, Winona Ryder, Claire Danes, Kelly Lynch and Debra Messing are customers at the shop Chelsea-Girl, too.

Rene Russo cuts corners to buy what she really likes. She says she’ll refrain from buying clothes, jewelry and household luxuries so she can spend on her hobby — her huge garden at home.

But clothes and department stores aren’t the only place to find great deals. Hip-hop superstar Lil’ Kim sends her house staff to shop at a discount warehouse. She needs her bottled water, but it doesn’t have to be Evian!

Some stars are so savvy they even save on reading and eating. Calista Flockhart and Harrison Ford were spotted in a bookstore reading a restaurant guide. Once they found the review for a place with the atmosphere and price range they wanted, they put the guide back on the shelf and left.

David Schwimmer and Tim Allen combine exercise and cost-saving by parking a few blocks from their destinations and walking to avoid paying $3 for valet parking.

David Spade knows a deal when he sees one. After his sixth paid car wash he gets a free wipe-n-wax! You don’t have to be a star to get a deal like that.

Katie Couric saves on the ground and in the air. Not only does she avoid paying retail when she shops, she also flies cut-rate JetBlue Airlines with her children on family vacations. She even packs their lunches for the flight.

When O.J. Simpson takes to the air, he refuses to pay for first class. You can find him in coach waiting for that free bag of roasted peanuts along with everyone else.

Find a penny. Pick it up. All day long you can find Sen. Hillary Clinton looking to the ground in hopes of finding good fortune. She saves lucky pennies.

Good friends and good spirits are all well and fine, but who wants to foot the bill alone? Paul McCartney had friends pay at the bar at his then-fiancee Heather’s birthday party.

Rocker Rod Stewart agrees a fellow has to set limits when it comes to bar tabs. “I don’t mind buying one round of drinks, but I am bloody well not going to buy another,” he once said.