BURT REYNOLDS and LONI ANDERSON are back together again – in court!

This time the famous exes are fighting side by side to save Burt from being booted out of the Florida mansion they once shared.

Banking giant Merrill Lynch foreclosed on the palatial home in 2011, claiming that the 77-year-old “Deliverance” star quit making payments on his $1.2 million mortgage.

Burt has vigorously fought the foreclosure, insisting he made payments that weren’t credited to his account. And now, still-stunning “WKRP in Cincinnati” star Loni, 67, has been dragged into the fray.

That’s because she received a $300,000 share in the prop­erty as part of the couple’s 1994 divorce settlement, making her a part-owner.

“Loni is less concerned with losing her share. She’s com­mitted to keeping Burt in his home,” says a source.

After the couple’s fairytale marriage ended in one of Hollywood’s most bitter divorces, Loni went on to marry legendary folk musician Bob Flick of The Brothers Four in 2008.

In contrast, Burt has plowed through sev­eral girlfriends, including cocktail waitress Pam Seals, whom he had an affair with while married to Loni. In recent years he’s suffered through open heart surgery and alcohol and pain pill rehab. He also hit the financial skids, and put his waterfront spread in Hobe Sound on the market for $15 million in 2006, but it dropped to $8.9 million in 2009.

Since then, the asking price for the luxuriously appointed five-bedroom, 12,500- square-foot home has dropped to $5 million, with no takers in sight.  Meanwhile, the icy relationship between Burt and Loni began to thaw a few years ago when they got together to pitch a TV sitcom starring them both.

“Their personal battles are long over, and Loni has a soft spot for Burt,” the source told The ENQUIRER. “She hates that he’s facing losing his home while she’s found happiness.”