Just when you thought her 15 minutes was long over – the notorious Amy Fisher returns!

You may recall the story of the original Long lsland Lolita – Amy Fisher – the subject of three made for TV movies (count em) exploiting her underage affair with auto mechanic Joey Buttafuoco.

Amy, then 16, attempted to rid herself of her lover’s ball-and-chain by plugging his wife Mary Jo in the head.  Mary Jo survived and Amy spent 7 years in the slammer for attempted murder.

Now, with nothing to lose (but her clothes) Amy is launching the proverbial celeb trifecta – a website (amyfisher.com), an In Demand all nude revue and her stripping debut at a Baltimore Scores.

What’s next?  A Sapphic twosome with Amy’s successor to Long Island Lolita-dom – a televised tryst with Christie Brinkley’s divorce case nemesis Diana Bianchi?