Life’s not easy being a domestic diva! Martha Stewart is so lonely, she’s been adopting cats for companionship, say sources.

The 67-year-old entrepreneur remains heartbroken over the death of her beloved dog and the marriage of her former boyfriend Charles Simonyi to a younger woman, reveal pals.

In a recent effort to fill the void, Martha adopted two Himalayan felines – which are named Sir Frost and Miss Snowflake – from a Long Island, N.Y., animal shelter.

That brings the total number of her pet cats to seven!

The meow brigade joins Martha’s two small French bulldogs, Francesca and Sharkey, and a chow chow she recently acquired named Genghis Khan.

"Martha still cries over the passing last April of her famous 13-year-old chow chow Paw Paw," disclosed a friend.

"She also continues to be down in the dumps over Charles’ marriage last year to a beautiful young Swedish woman. Martha is lonely. With no man in her life, right now these cats and dogs are her companionship.

"We’ve kidded Martha that she’s turning into a ‘cat lady.’ She even threw holiday-themed parties for her animals!"

On her blog, the lonely media mogul threw a New Year’s Eve party for her cats – dressing some in little gold-colored New Year’s hats!

"Martha admits she’s gone a little overboard."