Liza Minnelli doesn’t want Oscar winner Anne Hathaway dancing down the yellow brick road as her mother Judy Garland!

Sources say Liza would rather see Lady Gaga or Katie Holmes play the legendary “Wizard of Oz” star in a big-screen biopic.

“Liza doesn’t think Anne is the right person to portray her mom,” said an insider.

“But Anne has been calling Liza, begging for a sit-down meeting. She desperately wants Liza’s blessing. She also wants to pick Liza’s brain about what Judy was like in private. However, Liza is blowing her off.”

Liza, 68, worries the up-coming film, based on the 2001 best-seller “Get Happy,” will focus on the seedier aspects of her mother’s life, including her drug abuse, nervous breakdown and overdose death at age 47 in 1969, said the source.

Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein announced the project, which is in development and will go into production later this year with Hathaway in the title role.

Although Liza intially supported the “Les Miserables” star, she’s changed her mind, said another insider.

“As wild an idea as it is, Liza would love to see Lady Gaga play Judy,” revealed the insider. “Liza thinks Gaga has the singing chops, and Gaga has expressed a deep reverence for Judy.

“Liza is also a huge fan of Katie Holmes and thinks she’d be a great choice to play Judy. Katie sings, she dances and Liza respects her acting. Liza’s biggest fear is that the movie will further tarnish her mother’s legacy. She’s haunted by the tragic figure Anne played in ‘Les Miz’ and worries that the same kind of darkness will come through if Anne plays her mom. She thinks that Gaga or Katie will give a more uplifting performance as Judy during those difficult times.”

Liza’s battle over preserving her mother’s memory is just the latest misfortune to befall the entertainer – who has battled booze and drug addictions.

As The ENQUIRER reported, Liza suffered a secret collapse earlier this year that put her in a wheelchair. She’s also become increasingly sad and lonely in recent months, and friends fear she could die soon. Meanwhile, the four-times-divorced diva is smitten with two-decades-younger Matthew McConaughey, infuriating his Brazilian model wife Camila.

Liza has also been feuding with Ellen DeGeneres since the comic insulted her at the recent academy awards ceremony, insinuating that Liza looked like a drag queen.

“Liza has endured countless heartaches,” said the source. “But she’s telling friends that she’ll be damned if she’ll sit by and watch her mother’s memory get tarnished any more than it’s already been.”